UK 2022 Queen's Reign: Commonwealth Silver £5

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Commemorate the extraordinary 70-year reign of Her Majesty The Queen with the UK 2022 Queen's Reign: Commonwealth Silver £5. This remarkable coin is the third in a series celebrating Her Majesty's unwavering dedication to her duties and her profound influence across the Commonwealth. Struck from .925 sterling silver to a proof finish, the coin features a stunning design by P.J. Lynch on the reverse, capturing the essence of the Queen's leadership and grace. The obverse, crafted by Jody Clark, depicts a regal portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, underscoring the coin's authenticity and heritage. Measuring 38.61mm in diameter and weighing 28.28g, this coin is presented in official Royal Mint packaging and is limited to just 4,000 pieces in its presentation, making it a prestigious and meaningful addition to any collection.

Here’s why it’s a CPM Recommendation:

  • Celebrates Queen Elizabeth II's historic 70-year reign.
  • Limited edition presentation, only 4,000 available.
  • Exquisite proof finish in .925 sterling silver.
  • Packaged in exclusive Royal Mint casing.

Year of Issue: 2022
Country of Issue: UK
Metal: .925 Silver
Diameter: 38.61mm
Weight: 28.28g
Obverse: Jody Clark
Reverse: P.J. Lynch
Finish: Proof
Limited Edition: Presentation: 4,000
Maximum Coin Mintage: 4,160


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