Is this 1,700 Roman relic the first ever Christmas coin?

Genuine Roman Coin - 1,700 years old.

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Genuine Roman Coin - 1,700 years old.

Emperor Constantine the Great reigned over the Roman Empire from 306 AD until 337 AD. He converted to Christianity in 312 AD and oversaw the first documented Christmas festival in Rome on 25 December 336 AD.

The Follis, issued during his 32-year reign, is struck from bronze and features two soldiers holding spears facing each other with the inscription (translated) “The glory of the army”. Not the most festive design, but this is a truly historic coin issued during a period when human sacrifice was the order of the day most Decembers…

These coins are almost 1,700 years old, so I find it remarkable that I have been able to source any at all and that I can offer you one for just £25.

Here's why the Constantine Great Follis Coin is a CPM Prestige recommendation... 

• An original Roman coin from the reign of Emperor Constantine the Great

• Almost 1,700 years old

• Struck during the period when the Roman Empire moved from Paganism to Christianity

• The first documented Christmas festival was under Constantine the Great’s reign in December 336 AD

• Own this little piece of history for just £25 (FREE p&p)

• Limited numbers available

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Coin design on the reverse may differ. 

The Constantine the Great Follis Coin

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Price £25.00 (+ £0.00 p&p)


  • Year of Issue: 306-337 AD
  • Obverse: Emperor Constantine the Great
  • Reverse: Design may differ.
  • Weight: 1.8g (approx.)
  • Diameter: 18mm (approx.)
  • Metal: Bronze
  • Country of Issue: Roman Empire

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