UK 2024 Annual Coin Set BU Pack

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Delight in the UK 2024 Annual Coin Set, a meticulously curated collection from the Royal Mint, featuring five distinct commemorative coins that echo the significant cultural and historical milestones of the United Kingdom. Each coin, presented in Brilliant Uncirculated quality, captures a unique story—from Buckingham Palace and the birth of Sir Winston Churchill to the bicentenaries of the National Gallery and the RNLI, as well as a tribute to British Olympians and Paralympians. Housed in the official Royal Mint packaging, this set offers a grand tour of British heritage and achievement through exquisitely designed coins by renowned artists including Henry Gray, Natasha Seaward, and Edwina Ellis among others. Priced at £69 with free postage and packing, this collection not only makes a fine addition to any coin enthusiast's collection but also serves as a gateway to the nation's glorious past and promising future.

Here’s why it’s a CPM Recommendation:

  • Brilliant Uncirculated quality enhances collector appeal.
  • Celebrates key British historical and cultural events.
  • Official Royal Mint packaging ensures authenticity.
  • Free postage & packing adds exceptional value.

Country of Issue: UK
Year of Issue: 2024
Obverse Designer: Martin Jennings
Reverse: Henry Gray, Natasha Seaward, Edwina Ellis, John Bergdahl, Charis
Tsevis, The Royal Mint
Metal: Cupro-Nickel,Nickel-Brass,Nickel-plated steel, Copper-plated steel
Diameter: Various
Weight: Various
Coins: Buckingham Palace, Marking the Birth of Sir Winston Churchill,
200 Years of the National Gallery, RNLI: 200 Years and Counting,
Celebrating British Olympians and Paralympians
Finish: Brilliant Uncirculated


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