US History of the Dollar Collection

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In a collection that spans hundreds of years of American history, each coin narrates a chapter in the evolution of the US Dollar between 1791 and 1935.

These silver coins represent an invaluable link to the past and a testament to the enduring legacy of the US Dollar.

Here’s why it’s a CPM Prestige recommendation…

  • Each coin struck from Silver, plays an important part in how the Dollar came to be, including the Spanish 8 Reales now being over 200 years old and an original Morgan Dollar – the ‘coin of the cowboys.’
  • It’s fascinating to see these historic coins side by side - more so when you think about how difficult it is to source these coins individually, let alone as a full collection.
  • The US coin market is the most competitive coin collecting market in the world - collecting US coins in the United Kingdom is extremely difficult (and often very expensive) – we’ve done the hard work for you
  • With this in mind, a very limited number of collections are available – first come, first served.

Don’t miss out on adding these invaluable pieces to your collection.

ALL COINS: 8 Reales, 8 Realse, Morgan Dollar, Peace Dollar
Country of Issue: Americas/ Mexico / US / US
Year of Issue:1791-1808/ 1828-1895/1878-1921/1921/1935
Coin Diameter:39mm/ 38mm / 38mm / 38mm
Coin Weight: 27g / 27g / 26.7g / 26.7g
Obverse:Charles IV / Eagle & snake/ Liberty head / Liberty Head
Reverse: Crowned Arms / cap and rays / Eagle / Eagle
Metal: Silver
Finish: Circulated


Numismatic pieces should be owned primarily for collector interest.
CPM does not offer them as an investment and makes no guarantees in terms of future value.

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