The 2023 RBL Poppy Gold Sovereign DateStamp

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In solemn commemoration of Remembrance Day, the 2023 RBL Poppy Gold Sovereign DateStamp offers a distinguished tribute to the heroes who have served. Issued by the Isle of Man and crafted to the highest standard, this exceptional coin is struck from 22 carat gold and presents a proof finish that highlights its meticulous design. The reverse, designed by Matt Tindall, and the obverse, crafted by Glyn Davies, showcase exquisite detailing that resonates with the solemnity of the occasion. This coin is uniquely postmarked by The Royal Mail on the 11th of November 2023, aligning with the annual remembrance of Armistice Day, which adds a significant historical layer to its value. Weighing 7.98g with a diameter of 22.05mm, its limited availability of only 120 pieces worldwide makes it a rare and precious collectible. Priced at £995 and available in ten interest-free monthly instalments, this sovereign is a profound emblem of remembrance and respect, making it a poignant addition to any collection.

Here’s why it’s a CPM Recommendation:

  • Exclusively limited to 120 pieces globally.
  • Struck in prestigious 22 carat gold.
  • Commemorates Remembrance Day with a unique postmark.
  • Proof finish enhances its detailed design.

Country of Issue: Isle of Man
Year of Issue: 2023
Weight: 7.98g
Diameter: 22.05mm
Metal: 22 Carat Gold
Finish: Proof
Reverse: Matt Tindall
Obverse: Glyn Davies
Postmarking Date: 11th November 2023
Edition Limit: 120


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